Restricted Air Space/No Fly Zone

While listening to Bishop Tony's message this morning "Restricted Area: The Mind" I was reminded of a dream I had about a month ago. In the dream there was a person of authority and power surrounded by security. The security provided a space of protection from all sides, no matter which direction he moved. When I woke up the Lord assured me that wherever I am it is considered "Restricted Air Space" and a "No Fly Zone" for the darts of the enemy (ref Psalm 91:5). I am fully encompassed not only by the presence of the Lord, but also by a legion of angels assigned to my personal security regiment.

So that you can as excited about this as I am, let me give you some definitions:

Restricted airspace - an area of airspace in which local controlling authorities have determined that air traffic must be restricted or prohibited for safety or security concerns.

No Fly Zone - a geographic location over which aircraft cannot fly. Depending on the area and the specific regulations, this can be for military, security, safety or privacy reasons (usually set up during a time of conflict).

Because we serve the Lord and are disciples of Christ, we have POWER and AUTHORITY! We are those people who walk with an entourage of security, and the space around us is restricted and protected. That means that anything or anyone contrarily acting or speaking is trespassing and will be dealt with. It's kind of like being friends with the toughest kid in school. Because you are associated with that kid, no one messes with you. Our God and His army are the elite battalion that cannot be defeated and simply because we said yes to Him, we are under His protection! Isn't that something? So the next time you go anywhere, driving in your car, walking through your work place or a store, just imagine the army that's flanking you on all sides. I picture secret service agents, sunglasses and ear pieces, and angels wings ready to deflect and battle on my behalf against dangers seen and unseen.

Know this, beloved of God, you are operating in a No Fly Zone and a restricted air space. The enemy's plots and arrows cannot harm you. He is a trespasser who can and will be stopped. Hold your head high and believe that you are victorious in Christ Jesus. Your security detail is always in place and armed for battle. They have their instructions from the Most High and they cannot fail.

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