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Our Pain In Change

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

There are alot of facets in our lives that will change which is the way GOD grows us. We should not dwell on pain but instead embrace it, this is GODS way of healing things in us that needs to change, It ranges from fear, anger, regret, guilt, feeling hopeless, embarrassed, or any other uncomfortable feeling we may experience, when GOD goes after the root of the problem it can seem unbearable... I call this "Reflective Healing" which is basically choosing to allow GOD to show us where we are weak. Pain is the actual medicine to our problem (Yeah I said it) "ITS THE MEDICINE" It is our first alert to heal. We most often react to our pain with a sense to withdraw or retreat to return to comfort.... this is not an effective reaction, we should allow pain to take resident to understand it. Once we understand our pain we are then able to change.... GOD loves us so much HE allows us to process pain. LOVE YOU ALL!! ❤❤

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