My Battle, But Not My Journey

A dear sister-friend was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and daily I marvel at her level of faith and peace. In her honor, we are wearing bracelets that have her name on one side, and on the other "Your battle is my battle". When I first heard the news and started praying for her, I was reminded of the days surrounding my sister's diagnosis, treatment, etc. I was in such a fearful state wondering if I would be next. I was being consumed by negative and fearful thoughts until God spoke to me saying, "This is not your journey." But that was my sister. And this is my sister. How could it not be my journey as well? I look at the bracelet every day and I am reminded that I am in the battle against breast cancer and for my friend's life. But it is her journey to walk out.

In Philippians 1 Paul instructs the people to stand "together with one spirit and purpose, fighting together for the faith" and in verse 30 says "We are in this struggle together". When one of God's children hurts, we all hurt. When one rejoices, we all rejoice. It is my duty to take up my weapons and get on the battlefield with my sisters and brothers whenever the fight may be. And likewise, they should do it for me. When COVID-19 hit, one of the most used phrases was "we're all in this together" and I swore if I heard it one more time I would scream! But the truth of it is that not only are we in it together, but as illustrated in the scripture, we always have been.

I've learned that I may not go through the same specific situation as someone else. The journey God has for me can only be navigated by me. The one He has designed for you, I cannot maneuver. If God opens a door for you, I cannot walk through it for you. He has another door meant for me. The journey is different even though the door (battle) appears to be similar. I think sometimes we almost feel guilty because things don't happen to us. (As the older generation says, "keep living")

This breast cancer journey is my friend's to experience, but the battle belongs to all of us who love her and we will bombard heaven with prayer and thanksgiving for her life and increased faith. I am in the fight because she is. I believe because God is.

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