Living in Overflow

I've been thinking a lot about the word overflow and what it means spiritually. I had a visual image of a bathtub overflowing with water, pots with their contents bubbling over the top. With the bathtub, the water is uncontainable, going beyond boundaries and outside its 4 walls. Just like our anointing as followers of Jesus, we must go outside of the walls of our churches and beyond the boundaries of our natural selves to spread the unmatched, uncontrollable word and love of God. When a pot is bubbling over, the only way to control it is to turn down the heat or remove it altogether. Our faith can be compared to the contents of that pot. When life and situations create "heat" or God creates challenging situations for us, it hopefully causes our faith to increase, or bubble up. When we allow ourselves to cool off or we hide from the heat, we become immobile and dormant. My advice to us is to freely share God's word with others, let our faith become contagious and encouraging to others. Live in a state of overflow.


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