I Will Praise Him Anywhere

I was talking to a friend one Sunday afternoon about the messages our pastors preached that morning. My friend's pastor had spoken on the subject 'Don't Be Troubled By Trouble' and later cautioned the congregation about being "Sam I Am" Christians. It made me laugh and ponder at the same time, and it has stuck with me for several weeks. In the Dr. Seuss classic Green Eggs and Ham, Sam tried his very best to convince his friend to try the emerald colored creation only to be met with a very stubborn and clear 'No'. How often has someone - or even the Holy Spirit - tried to get us to step out on faith or take God outside of the four walls of our church? And we respond with a negative answer. I imagine us saying, "I will not praise God here or there, I will not praise Him anywhere. I could not worship in the rain, not in the dark, not on a train... (because someone my see or hear me and think I'm crazy)." BUT when you have an encounter, a true experience with God that frees you of that binding fear, you will begin to praise him wherever you are: in a house, in your car, in a tree - try Him, try Him, you will see!

I once worked with a young lady who gave the answer, "I'm blessed" when anyone (and I mean anyone) would ask how she was doing. At the time I couldn't understand why she would say it over and over again, even multiple times a day to the same person. She was giving God praise each time. She was praising here and there, she was praising everywhere!


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