I Love You for All That!

My morning commute is usually my 1:1 time with God - my prayer time, my worship time. Some days I give grand concerts and have dance parties during those 20-30 minutes. But yesterday, it was all about love. I told God that I love him and began to give an account of why I love Him. As my list of reasons grew I realized that my expressions of love had a tone of gratitude. From the beauty of the sunrise to His love for us by sending Jesus to God's validation of me, I covered a multitude of things. I found myself saying, "Lord, I love you for all that."

When was the last time you loved on God and told Him not only how much you adore Him, but why it is that you do? It should be deeper than how we express it to each other: "I love you" and "I love you too." (And perhaps our expressions of love to one another should improve as well.) Think about all that God is for you, all that He does, and how much He loves you. Doesn't that stir something up inside? I challenge you to take time in the next day or two and have a love fest with your Father in heaven. Go deeper than just a simple "I love you". Don't ask for anything, just love him for ALL that.


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