Faith Vision 20/20 #4

Written by Levi, age 13

This has been a hard year for me. A lot of things have happened that have tested my faith. Everything with COVID-19 and family tragedies have made me think about why I believe. A couple of times I have even skipped praying for a couple days because I felt like it wouldn't make a difference whether or not I did. I doubted God on many instances and I didn't know where to go. One day I just sat down and prayed and asked God for forgiveness and guidance. I wasn't sure if He would answer my prayers, but He did.

He led me to pray more and I felt like a burden was lifted off my shoulders. Ever since then, I have continued to pray and life has been better than when I wasn't praying. God has us go through hard times like this to see if we will turn to Him or turn away from Him. Even when we don't pray or worship, He is still there with open arms and will welcome us back when we repent. Nothing puzzles God. Never doubt Him and you will find safety in His arms.

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