Faith Vision 20/20 #3

I think we can all agree that this year has been full of giants! COVID-19, the surge in the Black Lives Matter movement, the election...and 2020 is not finished with us yet! It was difficult not to see and feel and hear those giants, and even more difficult - if I'm being completely honest - to keep my eyes on God. The "big 3" listed above casted a great shadow that made it hard to see and breathe, let alone think clearly. The more I allowed my attention to gravitate to more news and less Word, the darker the shadows became. I realized this when I couldn't remember Psalm 23 (no judgement please). I tried to say it in my mind, then had to say it out loud. I knew my words weren't right and in the wrong order, so I looked it up and I had left out a LOT. I immediately asked the Lord to forgive me for being slack. I had only given him snippets of my time and attention, just like I could only remember snippets of His Word. I asked Him to pull me from the shadows of the giants and let me see Him clearly again.

I was reminded of a song lyric, "Though I walk through the shadow, remind me it's just a shadow." If you look up the definition of shadow you will find reference to the interception light or the source of light being cut off. It's not something solid that can hurt, but it can disrupt. The news, the Movement, loved ones falling ill or transitioning, financial struggles, unemployment, school shut downs...all shadows. God is reminding us that they are just shadows and they are temporary. When the sun is high and at its peak, what happens to shadows? They get smaller or disappear completely. (You see where I'm going, don't you?) So when we keep the SON high in our lives, in our hearts, in our thoughts, speech, and actions those shadows won't seem so big.

I am not saying the giants are real. I'm not even saying you won't see them occasionally. I'm saying that we serve a God who is greater and bigger than any giant we will ever come across. In a matter of 10 days, 4 people that I knew passed away. So, yes...giants are real. The shadows that seemed to cloak my heart and mind after these deaths were real. But I know that God will comfort and give me/us the strength to keep getting up and put one foot in front of the other. I still see Him. I still hear Him. And I have a new found appreciation for Psalm 23. Remind me, it's just a shadow.

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