Faith Vision 20/20

Last Sunday, Bishop Tony posed the question, "What do you see, God or Giants?" to our congregation. If it's giants we see, we are already defeated (Numbers 13:31-33). But if we see God in every situation, we will surely overcome. While listening, I was reminded of a situation with my mother, and I believe the Holy Spirit is just now revealing the lesson to be learned. When my mother was ill, my job was to manage her finances - something that made me very nervous. Her process was to enter her monthly social security amount, write a check for her tithes and offering, then proceed to deduct her monthly expenses (rent, insurance, etc). I arrived at her apartment one afternoon to find her, checkbook in hand, waiting for me. "What is this?" she asked. I explained the negative balance she was referring to. "I never have a negative balance in my checkbook," she told me. I recalculated several times and still came up short. She told me to erase it. I felt like a scolded child but knew my calculations were correct, however I did not argue. What the Holy Spirit revealed to me was that unlike me, my mother prayed over her finances before and as she made every deduction. She knew without doubt that God would bless and keep her and that she would have everything she needed. She saw by faith and relied on God's economy.

This year, there will be many references to "perfect vision" but those of us who are followers of Christ know that He is the only one with perfect vision and we must pray that He helps us to see what He sees - situations and people. Start this new year by putting on your "faith glasses" so you can see God instead of giants; see yourself victorious and blessed; see yourself healed; see yourself and other the way God sees us.


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