Anyone who has been in church for a length of time has probably heard the phrase "on fire for Jesus" or made reference to the fire of God. But how many people know what that really means? I don't deny that my understanding was pretty vague...until this past Sunday! As Bishop Tony talked about the elements of fire and how it relates to us spiritually, there were many images going through my head that helped emphasize what he was saying. (No, I was not daydreaming!) It was almost as if an illustrator was drawing it out as he spoke. I think at one point, I actually saw fire. Not destructive fire, but empowering, uplifting fire.

The elements of spiritual fire:

(1) it illuminates, exposes darkness

(2) it melts and/or changes the properties of something

(3) it's contagious

With this new revelation of an old saying, we must ask ourselves, what's my temperature? I'm excited to see what this fire will burn off and refine in me! Bishop ended with these words: "We need to be packing holy heat instead of carrying a concealed weapon."


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