Increase My Capacity

Last Sunday we sang the worship song "Capacity", a song we've sung many times over the years. I don't know if I've found new revelation in it, or if it hit me just right this time, but I've been singing it ever since. The line that reverberates in me says, "God, erupt inside of me. Inhale, exhale, freely breathe." One definition for the word erupt is to burst from limits or restraint, which also could explain the latter part asking God to freely breathe. Consider that for a moment, and ask yourself if you put limits on how God can move (breathe) in your life. Do you keep Him restrained and only "let Him out" when you need Him, or do you allow Him free reign over you life? Another definition of erupt is to force out or release usually suddenly and violently - God, take me over by any means necessary! (that's just me) Imagine someone in a panic or not paying attention and you're trying to talk to them. They are so caught up in something that they can't hear you. What do you do? You shake them, sometimes violently, to get their attention, which could keep them from danger lurking around the corner, or just so they won't hurt themselves.

We are truly nothing without God. Without Him literally inhaling and exhaling, we would not have life. He has to clean out all the junk that we allow to dwell inside of us so that we have more room for Him. Room for more peace, more of His word, more love...the list goes on and on. Yes, Lord, increase our capacity for You. Erupt in our lives and make room because we need more!


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