Color Me Happy!

I have a copy of "14,000 Things to Be Happy About" on the table in my office. While people are meeting with me, or waiting for me to finish a phone call, they are free to peruse the book. (Sometimes I say they have to find 3 things before they leave.) This book has the most random things listed in it and if the first one you read doesn't make you smile, the second one will. Page 63 lists silky pants, Minute rice, and velvet-starred nights. Page 470 lists making sure the water from the shower hits the back of your neck, Daisy Hill Puppy Farm where Snoopy was born, Waldorf salads, and making faces at monkeys at the zoo. The author's point of writing the book is that happiness comes from noticing and enjoying the little things in life. As people armed with five senses to help us notice everything around us, we can appreciate tons of little things. As people of faith and followers of Christ, we can appreciate so much more. But the biggest thing we can be happy about is the promise of eternity with our Heavenly Father. Until that promise is fulfilled though, let's not take for granted all the little things around us. God has created so much beauty for us to enjoy, that we couldn't list them all in one day. (The author of the book took 20 years to list her 14,000 things.) I challenge us to find beauty and happiness in the "ordinary" things, people, and experiences that are right in front of us every day. So, what's on your list? Don't try to rank them as your favorite things, but say the first things that come to mind.

Some of mine are:


*Board games

*Seeing people sing & dance in their cars

*Baby animals

*The perfect Lays potato chip

*Laughing until you cry

*Twirling in a circle while wearing a full skirt


*Finding a good pen

I could keep going, couldn't you? Share of few of your happy things in the comments and help others to smile along with you.

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