Broken But Still Worthy

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

As I was finishing off a bag of chips, I fished out the remaining whole ones. What was left in the bottom of the bag was crumbs and lots of broken pieces. Usually I just throw the bag away without a thought but today was different. I thought, what would happen to me if God threw me away when I was broken? What if He didn’t want me because I was no longer whole? Just like those crumbs and pieces in the chip bag would together amount to 3 or 4 more chips that could be enjoyed, our Heavenly Father sees the potential in us even when we seemingly amount to nothing but trash. Each part of us has worth to God because He created us. Even more importantly, He created us in His image so our net worth is unfathomable!

Life and circumstances can all but crush us, leaving us feeling unloved and unwanted...worthless. We have to remember that God will always love us and want us. To Him we are worth more than silver and gold! He will take our broken hearts, downtrodden spirits and crushed dreams and make something beautiful from which He can get the glory. All we have to do is present ourselves to Him in prayer, in praise and in worship.


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